Iseult Timmermans

Iseult TimmermansSince graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1995, Iseult has been involved in making work and establishing opportunities for others across a range of settings; establishing an artist-run exhibition space in Glasgow’s West End (e-space@java in the 90’s) and a community space on the margins of the city – Red Road Community Studio (2010 – 2012). She has exhibited in formal and non-formal settings, contributed to a variety of publications and has work in The Scottish National Portrait Gallery collection.

weapon necklaceShe developed her collaborative approach to arts practise working for 17 years with Street Level Photoworks as their Collaborations Co-ordinator, establishing their award winning outreach programme with refugees and asylum seekers in 2004. She explores the boundaries of collaborative arts practise and creative applications of photography.

“This necklace represents how many women carry the weight of conflict around their necks, wherever they go, trying to find peace.”

Artist Iseult Timmermans worked with refugee women at the Red Road Community Studio, North Glasgow considering the theme how military violence affects women’s lives.  Through creative sessions in jewellery making the women created unique earrings and necklaces that conveyed their responses to the theme.  Iseult then made a series of photographs of women modelling the jewellery.


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