I was born in 1978
Why? I don’t know
In one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Esfahan
The city retains much of its past glory. What I grow up with
Ornaments, motives and textiles the language of symbols, secrets, soul.
I know myself by my pictures,
I try to visualize my mind, my understanding of my essence.
My Comments!
What you shout it, symbolize it or kill it in Contrast with
Dominance, Inside or…
I seek the Secret and I look for the light within the Darkness .seeking something in its own absence.
TimeleftTo show the power of smallest truth in a dark frame of paper or power.
Abstract forms are my dearest friends in my poems, photography or fraises
Expressive language of Metonymy, enemy of ignorant monarch.
In my photos there is no attempt of evoking the passage of time.
Time is frozen for the truth to shine.
Immersion in contrast and forms in a dimension that nobody is allow to enter but you.
I compose by the contrast of light and dark, while I use colours to match the mood of my world with, despite of subjects colour . Mainly faces and bodies.


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