Tracey Zengeni

Tracey ZengeniI love working with my hands and pushing my artistic abilities to the limit. I love using raw colour in my work; personally I feel nothing expresses the feelings involved in a painting or a work of art than the rawness of paint straight from a tube or the splash of ink on a blank canvas. I choose the subjects by what delights and captures my imagination from just everyday things that happen around me or to me. I always want my work to tell a different story every time to every observer. Sometimes this works and sometimes it does not….but that is what art is all about…different interpretations and views of what the work might represent or the feelings that might be conjured up.

AbsolutionI find working with different media expands my creativity as an artist, sculpture, pencil, paint, photography and weld art….etc. With these media being completely different from each other- they still bring the same emotions to me which is love for my work and love for this subject we call Art. I find that the things that inspire my everyday are the things that are non-permanent….because life is not permanent so I try and express that a lot within my work- be it sculpture, photography, paintings etc. Our lives are made up of little bits of impermanence each and every day we shed a little of ourselves to the outside world and I try and show that in my work. I find I am intrigued by the little things in life the process of it the beauty of child birth the flowers blooming the way you close your eyes when you fall asleep, the way humans deal with difficult challenging situations in our everyday lives.

Art is our gift from the Gods to mankind and my desire is to use it to create questions and maybe bring answers to different people and to evoke those hidden emotions and thoughts concerning just life in general. Like the use of photography, just to have that feeling of capturing something in a frozen moment….a little like stopping time…. just for that second as the shutter clicks and a moment is caught. To me art is unrestrictive, non-controlling…art gives you the freedom general life does not. Art is art whichever way we may want to look at it.


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