Committed To Represent


How does the legal work of the GMIAU (Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit) help refugees to rebuild their lives?  What motivates the caseworkers? How do refugees respond to the challenges that the asylum system throws at them? This exhibition is a celebration of the work that caseworkers do and a testament to the courage of refugees and people seeking asylum.

An exhibition of photography and texts as a series of 12 portable panels by the Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, in partnership with Virtual Migrants.  This exhibition is available for borrowing or hire (if you have available funds), and a speaker can be provided if desired.  The panels can be set up to accompany any relevant event, activity, cultural or artistic programme involving an audience.  Please contact us or contact GMIAU directly via .

A gallery showing all of the panels is available to view right now at , and photographs of the panels exhibited in various venues can be seen at  These will give a good idea of what the exhibition is and how it can be presented.

Design and direction by Kooj Chuhan / Metaceptive Media. Research and text by Ursula Sharma.  Photography by Mazaher.  Here is a quick overview of some places it has been shown at, followed by a statement from GMIAU.

Photos of the launch at Z-Arts, June 2013 (CLICK on a photo to view them in full scale):

This was also shown as a pop-up exhibition, produced with Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, on Weds 30th October to Friday 1st November.  Part of 90 degree citizen a rare exhibition of work by a new wave of visual artists whose experiences include life as refugees in the UK engaging with objects from The Manchester Museum.  A few photos of the exhibition at the Manchester Museum (CLICK on a photo to view them in full scale):

On Wednesday 30th October at 5.00pm there was a talk + preview of the “Committed To Represent” pop-up exhibition.  A video of this including the powerful speeches by Isobel and Mavis will be put up online soon.

The Committed To Represent exhibition was also shown at the Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday 25th January 2014 (CLICK on a photo to view them in full scale):

Statement from GMIAU at their 2014 AGM:

We are in very turbulent times. During the past 12 months legal aid has been removed for most immigration cases and the government is ‘consulting’ on the next set of cuts which will include further restrictions on access to the law, including judicial review and appeals, and the insidious ‘residency test’. The Immigration Bill has been introduced and if it get passed as it is it will include duties on landlords and banks to check the immigration status of potential tenants and customers. Immigration will once again be top of the political agenda in the run up to general election in 2015 and none of the public debate about immigration is positive. This makes it even more difficult for the people that GMIAU is here to support and represent – not just in a legal sense but also to stand up against the injustice and discrimination that is the reality of many peoples day to day lives.

We need our supporters more than ever. We need to work together to steer the organisation through these challenging times, to make sure not only that we survive but that we’re stronger and louder than before in our defence of access to justice and human rights. Please come and join us on the 25th need to be doing over the next year and beyond to make sure we stay at the forefront of creating a better and more positive contribution to the lives of people in the North West who need immigration legal advice and representation.



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