Race Alterity Affect – other presentations

On this page are a set of presentations from the ‘Race, Alterity and Affect’ workshop.  The short introductory video about this workshop, along with the two keynote presentations, are available from the menu above.

Andrew Baldwin – Whiteness and the state of arrest: the affective logic of whiteness and the climate change migrant

Giovanni Bettini – The Exceptions or the Rule: de-securitising climate-induced migration

Carol Farbotko – Climate Migration and Place Identities

Arun Saldhanha – Climate Change as Biopolitical Assemblage: How Global Capitalism Produces Racial Difference

Johannes Herbeck and Silja Klepp – Negotiating Climate Change and Migration in the European Union and the Pacific

Lars Jensen – Greenlandic postcoloniality and the predicament of prosperity inducing climate change

Nigel Clark – Geologic Politics of Race and the Coming of the Anthropocene

Calum Nicholson – Political Currency vs Analytical Coherence

As a reminder: on June 18th and 19th 2013 at Durham University (UK), a group of researchers, theorists and academics from universities across Europe came together to share critical studies and perspectives on the intersection between climate change, migration and race. The ‘workshop’ event was titled “Race, alterity and affect: rethinking climate change-induced migration and displacement”.


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