Amang Mardokhy

Artist Statement
Amang MardokhyI have come from Kurdistan, north part of Iraq. Since the early start of my art experience, I also have learned how to live and express the sufferings of my people through paintings. I remember how in the late eighties, 5000 innocent Kurdish people were killed by chemical weapons by the Iraqi regime, 182000 innocent villagers were taken from their houses and were buried alive, and 4000 villages were destroyed. Every day, family members, neighbours, friends and other innocent people were getting arrested, insulted and executed.

Amang Mardokhy - paintingIt’s true that I’m living in a secure country now and I’m away from those pains, the Iraqi Al-Baath regime is no longer on power and there is a hope for democracy progress to be established in the new system however, the effects of those dark days don’t disappear easily.

In 1920 and due to an international political plan, Kurdistan country was divided among four countries of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. Kurdistan has gone through many political struggles and wars such as the Kurds fighting against the Iraqi Al Bath party regime for freedom and independence, Iraq-Iran war, Iraq-Gulf war, Iraq and American war. The Iraqi Kurdistan is a very rich area which has a strategic geographical importance.

The fact that the authorities of the Middle-East countries are following dictatorship systems in their ruling regimes, the citizens are obliged to follow their guidance and serve the dictators otherwise they will be treated as traitors. No one is allowed to refuse or stand against the regimes and if they do, they will put their lives into real threat of death and persecution.

We as Kurds have always tried to win our freedom and liberty against the Iraqi Al-Baath regime. We suffered to death till we gained our freedom and liberty. The artists found it as a holly duty not betray our people and be faithful to our country. This was the main principle that most of the Kurdish artists have followed during their lives and art experience.


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