90 Degree Citizen – installing the exhibition

4bAmang Mardokhy arrives at Manchester Museum to install his paintings for 90 Degree Citizen – A rare exhibition of work by a new wave of visual artists whose experiences include life as refugees in the UK, and engaging with objects from The Manchester Museum.

“I have come from Kurdistan, north part of Iraq. Since the early start of my art experience, I also have learned how to live and express the sufferings of my people through paintings.”


Virtual Migrants work with the Manchester Museum team to install a painting by Tracey Zengeni.

“I love working with my hands and pushing my artistic abilities to the limit. I love using raw colour in my work … I always want my work to tell a different story every time to every observer.”

09After a short tea-break the team install a photograph by Mazaher.

“I know myself by my pictures,
I try to visualize my mind, my understanding of my essence.”

We look forward to welcoming you to our:
Opening event:  In Conversation with artists and curators plus live music from Emmanuela Yogolelo  Thursday 10th October, 6.00 – 8.30pm.
FREE: register at www.90degreecitizen.eventbrite.co.uk


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